la forêt sans nom
furtive gallery


La forêt sans nom is a platform for artistic realizations,
directed by Jérémie Grandsenne.


Discovering and promoting uncommon and talentend
artists, keeping distance from consensus, and setting
up moments of pleasure and meaning, will be the tasks
of La Forêt Sans Nom ("A Forest with No Name").

Furtive gallery, it will set up short exhibitions, that
will appear suddenly, for one evening or a few days…
and then go.

No walls, no boundaries : La Forêt Sans Nom is
international. The exhibitions, designing a mysterious
and changing map, will appear and vanish like the trees
of a living, unpreadictable and winking forest.

La Forêt Sans Nom has been built up on a central team
of artists, whose works will be regularly promoted for
their narrative sensibility, for their freedom in using and
renewing forms, and for their commitment facing world
and History.

Yet the gallery will provoke encounters and collisions :
it will celebrate momentary marriages with other artists,
as well as with invited guests from connected worlds :
such as music, contemporary dance, graphic design,
fashion… depending on the day's longing.


Have a nice promenade,
La forêt sans nom

La forêt sans nom is the french title of the movie by Shinji Aoyama :
Shiritsu tantei Hama Maiku : Namae no nai mori.
With kind authorization by Shinji Aoyama.